Five things about the Best dentist in Knoxville

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5 things to know about finding the best dentist in Knoxville

  1. Find a dentist that has great ideas to give you. Dentist like to plan out multi appointment trips in “Treatment Plan”, which is mainly a outline of the expected appointments to accomplish the agreed upon outcome. The more tools in the tool box so to speak can give you more options.


  2. Continuing Education, dentistry has changed so much in the last ten years there are very few products and techniques being used exactly like they where learned in dental school. Continuing education is required at a level of 40 hours every two years in Tennessee, look for someone with more and hopefully you find someone who is truly passionate about staying up on the best techniques in dentistry.


  3. A excellent dental treatment plan should be based on what the patient wants, needs, and what they have in their mouth. One persons best treatment will be a implant retained teeth while one will be a denture, it depends on the patient.


  4. Empathy for the patients needs and condition. Not blaming, or scolding understanding that genetics plays a large role in caries susceptibility.


  5. Pass on the knowledge to take care of and maintain the dentition. Teach the patient how to prevent the dental problems and manage their eating habits to improve ther overall dental health.

A disclaimer I am a general dentist in Knoxville, and these are my personal thoughts and in no way reflect the views of any group or organization I may be associated with.